With over 10 years of bringing business solutions that impact the economy, the true value in what we do is seen in the lives of everyday people. People who laid hard work as foundation for their dreams, affording us the opportunity to enhance and elevate their businesses and impact their communities. To those who dare to dream, we commit to support. Here's to the people in the trenches.

Touring New Heights

Gaynor Francke started out with a tiny lodge in Saldhana Bay in 2008. Today she owns five tourism properties thanks to her singleminded commitment and the extensive enterprise development support she has received. Francke has a long list of wins, every one of them the result of hard work and dedication: TechnoServe Top 20 Business Plan Entrepreneur Competition in 2008; Best Female Entrepreneur 2011; Best Entrepreneur in the Tourism Category 2011; a Gold Award in the Future 100 competition 2011; Black Entrepreneur Award 2013 from West Coast Tourism; and the 2013 Emerging Entrepreneur Award.


Cementing the future

When illness forced his father to take a step back in 2006, Chuene was faced with a very difficult decision: to continue his studies or to take over the running of the business. He chose the latter and began the long, often lonely journey of an entrepreneur. Struggling to cope with the demands of running a business, Chuene did what many young entrepreneurs do and wrote a “bad cheque” for a purchase order on cement. Standard Bank saw his business potential, however, and instead of cutting him off, they suggested that he enter TechnoServe’s Business Plan competition with a huge incentive of R35 000 as the cash prize. Chuene entered and won.


Sewing the SEEDS of success

Mnothophansi means “wealth in the soil” and is the name of the co-operative that falls under the Technical Assistance and Market Project, (TAMAP), a joint initiative between TechnoServe, Foodbank and KZNDAE. Consisting of 15 members, the Ndoma B Irrigation Scheme has 200 hectare of land under dragline irrigation with plans underway to expand the scheme by a further 300 hectares.The 15 co-operative members work individually, each having his or her own land allocation, which can vary from 4 to 22 hectares.

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