Our Work

Our work is deeply rooted in the idea that hardworking, entrepreneurial people can generate income, jobs, and wealth for their families and communities. With more than a decade of proven results of transforming lives in South Africa. Technoserve continues to help alleviate poverty through sound business solutions.

Agricultural Value Chain Projects

Ensuring lifelong Agricultural Value Chain Networks for Small Scale Farmers.

Enterprise Development

Working with entrepreneurs and their businesses, TechnoServe develops entrepreneurs to the best of their ability so as to build the most sustainable businesses, and to ensure that they become competitive within the market. To identify self motivated entrepreneurs, TechnoServe offers a Business Plan Competition (BPC) programme and Acceleration/ Incubation programmes for businesses. TechnoServe realises the potential for Enterprise Development (ED) to contribute towards job creation and the sustainability of small and medium-sized businesses.

Local Economic Development

Working with communities and already established industries/businesses such as Tourism, Manufacturing or mining, TechnoServe assists in building entrepreneurs and businesses that will be endure competitive market space. We engage community members and leaders to build credibility and gain support for the programme whilst working with the businesses to measure the applicable services and products that could be delivered to that particular community. This ensures that the services and products that are delivered are customised to the needs of the community and which show potential for success. Entrepreneurs in the programme receive formal skills training, ongoing mentoring, facilitation of access to finance, the creation of networks and an accelerator platform that takes already existing businesses and builds the capacity for growth.