Local Economic Development

Working with communities and already established industries/businesses such as Tourism, Manufacturing or mining, TechnoServe assists in building entrepreneurs and businesses that will be endure competitive market space. We engage community members and leaders to build credibility and gain support for the programme whilst working with the businesses to measure the applicable services and products that could be delivered to that particular community. This ensures that the services and products that are delivered are customised to the needs of the community and which show potential for success. Entrepreneurs in the programme receive formal skills training, ongoing mentoring, facilitation of access to finance, the creation of networks and an accelerator platform that takes already existing businesses and builds the capacity for growth.      


The Africa Foundation, founded by &Beyond to empower and enrich communities surrounding the wildlife reserves where & Beyond operates, began working alongside TechnoServe in 2011. Since then, the partnership has allowed for ground-breaking initiatives to be identified. With testing ideas and possibilities and finding alternatives and answers along the way to assist communities in which & Beyond lodges are located. Pilot projects with six small-scale farmers in the communities adjacent to two of the conservation areas where & Beyond has a presence -- Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga and Kwajobe in Northern KwaZulu Natal, were conducted to see the best way to get small scale farmer to supply to the lodges. The farmers are receiving technical and market access assistance, and they have seen the harvest of their first crop. Farmers will provide to the lodges, although at a very small scale, they are ensured a market and will assist with further market access knowing that they provide top quality produce to well established lodges.

Anglo Platinum has requested the assistance of TechnoServe, to identify potential employment options, to assist in development initiatives