Despite being ranked as an upper middle economy by the World Bank, and having one of the largest economies, in the world. The country is scourged by large number of unemployment, severe poverty, and many more residues of apartheid.

With the increase of small businesses and the existing number of small scale farmers, who hold much potential to be sustainable, yet lack the necessary skills and knowledge to have sustainable enterprises. TechnoServe's vision is to make the benefits and opportunities of the rapidly emerging "developed economy" accessible to everyone. By providing business skills, assisting with access to support services and networks. In ensuring that the previously disadvantaged individuals are able to contribute to building of the new South Africa, we have aligned ourselves o the National Development Plan. 

The National Development Plan is a plan for the country to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030 through uniting South Africans, unleashing the energies of its citizens, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities, enhancing the capability of the state and leaders working together to solve the current issues that are being faced by the citizens of our country today. The NDP puts across three main focus points as the way forward to a successful outcome of the plan, which can be achieved by raising employment through faster economic growth, secondly by improving the quality of education, skills development & innovation and lastly building the capability of the state to play a developmental, transformative role that will result in overall growth for the country. All sectors have to be addressed 

TechnoServe South Africa shares in this vision of empowering South African’s and providing citizens with the necessary skills and information to be successful in their endeavours, thus the reason for helping enterprising people to develop new farms and gain access to formal markets and supply chains to generate sustainable growth in some of the country's poorest regions. We are also promoting the growth of South Africa's indigenous business sector through mentoring and incubator programs for small businesses from poor areas that will encourage economic development and job creation in South Africa, which is highly, aligned with the NDP 2030 motives.