Our Mission

TechnoServe South Africa brings a unique combination of personal and institutional in-depth experience and relationships in the private sector together with solid technical skills and in-the-field experience. We are deeply rooted in local communities and our predominantly local staff understands how to foster innovation and change in entrepreneurial skills and mindsets and how to develop the local institutions needed to support a vibrant private sector. Local teams are supported by global staff with extensive private sector backgrounds in international business and from top-tier management consulting firms; with access to global best practices; a strong fundraising and operational infrastructure; and with rigorous measurement of success and failure.

TechnoServe promotes the growth of South Africa’s SMME business sector through enterprise development programs that provide expert advice, technical and business capacity building, and that open up markets for entrepreneurs’ goods and services and link them to finance – ultimately building competitive farms, businesses and industries. Working directly with entrepreneurs and other industry stakeholders in the field, we ensure that enterprises thrive on their own and generate continued income for rural communities across South Africa.

We have a strong track record of helping people establish businesses where none exist and supporting their access to markets.

TechnoServe works alongside small-scale farmers and farming co-operatives, together with all other actors in the agriculture value chain, to ensure these farming enterprises are linked to secure markets. We secure access to the resources needed to produce and supply to these markets and to thereby, over time, become a viable and sustainable part of the broader agriculture value chain.

We work extensively with major local companies and multi-nationals to help local small and emerging entrepreneurs and farmers access the skills, technology, finance and supply chain/market opportunities they need to succeed.

TechnoServe assists organisations to enhance their Enterprise Development, Preferential Procurement, and / or Corporate Social Investment solutions. We enable our partners to support and work alongside emerging entrepreneurs at several points of the value chain. Many of our funding partners also offer a market to our beneficiaries; this not only provides a secure market for our farmers but also enables our partners to bring emerging SMMEs into their value chain which significantly enhances their Preferential Procurement status.