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For economic development to reduce poverty broadly across any society and be sustainable it must be driven by an active dynamic and growing private sector. We work closely with funding partners to design programmes that meet the funding partner's goals  in terms of enterprise development, preferential procurement or corporate social investment yet delivers impact to the participating beneficiaries via agriculture value chain development, enterprise development  or local economic development.

Why Partner with Technoserve?

Partner with us to enhance your businesses preferential procurement, CSI or enterprise development solutions:

TechnoServe works closely with their funding partners to design programmes that meets the funding partners’ goals, yet delivers impact to the participating beneficiaries. Partner with us to enhance your preferential procurement, corporate social investment or enterprise development solutions:

Enterprise development

Enterprise development serves to create wealth by providing existing and start-up entrepreneurs, particularly in rural and non-metropolitan areas, with opportunities to grow and sustain their businesses through training, coaching and mentoring, as well as access to funding and markets.

Preferential procurement

A Government affirmative action policy that encourages government departments and agencies to buy goods and services from previously disadvantaged individuals or businesses

Corporate social investment: The investment in development projects in emerging markets by companies that may, or may not be, directly relevant to the company's bottom line

All too often a charitable non profit organisation is thought to be in the business of providing charity - that is, giving away money, food, clothing or housing. If, however, a charitable organisation can share know-how and knowledge, then the wgole dynamic is changed. The recipient feels a sense of pride and accomplish...and the donor feels a sense of mutual pride and partnership with the recipient.- Edward P Bullard, Founder, Technoserve.