Sagay Moodliar, newly appointed SA Country Director at TechnoServe, has more than 20 years’ experience in public policy formulation, business strategy development, new business development, project design and project implementation. This was gained in the private equity and development consulting sphere.

His strong entrepreneurial insight and business acumen have assisted him in under- standing new trends in development consulting, both in Southern Africa and globally. Sagay also has an exceptional aptitude for creating and nuturing winning teams on the new business and technical aspects of a company. This ability has been honed across the business sector from a large public sector organization and a major global develop- ment firm to an entrepreneurial private equity and development setting.

Among Sagay’s accomplishments were the development and leadership of a new busi- ness pipeline for DAI-Johannesburg with bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations and private sector clients in excess of US$100m. Earlier he gained extensive trade ne- gotiation experience with governments in Southern Africa, the Middle East and  Asia while tasked with leading the effort to re-integrate SA with key strategic partners such as China, India and Australia in the post-Apartheid era”

Sagay builds on the vision of Technoserve South Africa, in creating the excellent Emerg- ing Farmer Support programmes and Enterprise and Supplier Development work that this office has been involved in for more than a decade. Technoserve will expand its work and impact in the corporate, government and donor sectors by supporting government objectives of emerging farmer, enterprise and supplier support to create prosperity for resource poor people.


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